Monday, June 2, 2008


The end of year is here! Reflect on your progress throughout this year as you respond to the following guiding questions to post a summary of your year in this class. This is not a question and answer but post a paragraph summary using some of the following questions as a guide.

How would you rate your progress this year?
Were you happy with your progress?
What things deterred you from doing as well as you could?
How could you have done better (if you think that you could have)?
What will you do better next year?
What did you think you gained from this course?
What did you learn about yourself?
What projects or activities did you like or dislike?


M.DOT said...

would rate mi progress like a 5 out of 10 .
i was happy with mi last two marking periods but not the first two
i wsa not focused i suck at test and quizes
i should have studied harder
i think i kno now that i need to just stayy up on my work period.
yes i hope to do better next year
i learned that i when i put my mind to something i can get it done
i did not like all of the worksheets,that we had it wa alot to keep up with.

sjl55 said...

Math for me this year was very successful. I think that I improved monumentally with my skills in math, due to the on point teachings of Ms. DiTullio. To say that I am happy with my progress would be an understatement, for I am completely ecstatic with the way I improved academically. I truly feel that the only thing that deterred me slightly this year in math was a bit of a lax attitude at times. I believe next year, what I can do better is to do my homework more diligantly than I did this year, but as for tests and quizzes, I am completely content with my performance. About myself I really learned that I can achieve anything in math, as long as I work on everything with as much effort possible. I really enjoyed the Quia projects we did, and the only thing I would've changed was just a few less straight lectures. All in all, I really enjoyed my time in math this year.

Nikki said...

this yeaar in algedra i think that i have tryed to the best of my abilityes in getting all home work and class work done....even thoe we only got accounted for 2 test that i didn't really do well on...i could have stuided harder for them's been an exciting road...even thoe the fist marking period was the best for me.i feel as if i dursive a B for this class but who know what could happen by monday. but for this long course of algebra i think i learned how to do equations the best and sopes/graphing the worse.
i think mrs.D aint such a bad tacher..even thoe every body say that.....i would aucally tell people she's a good teacher ....for the learning part of it....but next year i will hopefully get her again and learn much more than i have this yeaar...... have a fun summer

Beeba said...

I think overall this year i did okay...i could have done better... im happy that i didnt get c's. I think not coming in deterred from doing as well as I could. Next year i'll come in when neccessary. I didnt really like any projects